The Off-Market Door Knock

  Suburb: Torrens Park, South Australia

Client Type: Owner Occupiers

Service: Negotiate

Budget:  $1,000,000

Purchase Price: $980,000

Property: 5 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom family home

Agent Listing:  Off-market

Clients contacted us with a specific property in mind which was previously on the market a few months earlier but didn’t sell.

During the property’s listing time our clients had inspected it, but it was overpriced and they were unsure how to negotiate an extended settlement time they required as they moving to Adelaide f rom Sydney in 18 months’ time.

The vendor eventually pulled the listing and several months later our client asked us if we could approach the vendor and negotiate on their behalf.

We approached the owners (knocked on their door) to express our client’s desire to purchase the home as this property ticked all the right boxes.

Over a protracted period of 6 weeks, we successfully negotiated a purchase directly with the vendor with an extended settlement time of 7 months. This not only suited our clients but also the vendor who was renovating a unit and it was taking longer than expected. It is always best in a negotiation if you can find out and understand the motivations of the vendor. This could be the preference for a short or lengthy settlement or the need for fast money or more money.

Once settlement took place, NPB secured tenants for $690 per week for the 10 month period until our clients were ready to make the move.

It was a win-win-win, for our clients, the vendor and the tenants!

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