5 Reasons why NOW is the Perfect Time to Buy Property in Adelaide


1. Interest rates are at all time lows.

It’s a great time to lock in a low rate on your home loan with many lenders offering rates less than 3.00%.

2. Lenders are eager for your business.

Things have changed enormously in this regard – lenders are now offering great deals, cash bonuses and discounted rates.

3. It’s a buyer’s market!

Let’s face it, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, but this also presents some great opportunities for property buyers. There’s a lot less competition around at the moment, so good deals abound and shrewd property buyers can capitalise on the current situation.

4. Vendors are more realistic.

With the current uncertainty and less active buyers in the market, vendors have realised that they must be very realistic when setting prices and considering offers. This presents some great opportunities for buyers!

5. History suggests that there will be a property boom after a crisis.

Whilst there are no guarantees, looking back on prior large-scale events such as we are experiencing now suggests that the market will rebound sharply and experience a “boom” soon after the crisis blows over.


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